We make everyday commuting easier and less expensive

Why Citifyd?

Our smart mobility solutions connect everyday commuters with local businesses to energize local commerce.

Citifyd connects businesses with mobility services, helping energize local commerce. By making it easier for commuters to find a space, parking providers to offer a space, and for businesses to engage customers locally and contextually, we make urban mobility easier and reduce the barriers for brick & mortar commerce, helping local economies thrive.

We’re approaching this problem first through our parking solutions. Learn more about our products.

Citifyd Municipalities

For Municipalities

Citifyd’s mobility and business solutions reduce congestion and pollution by making all parking available on a 24/7 basis, and activating all unused parking spaces through shared parking. Citifyd also energizes local commerce by enabling local businesses to attract and engage potential nearby customers through real-time parking validation rewards.

Citifyd For Venues

For Venues

Get to know your fans better and increase their loyalty with improved commuting experiences. Not only can Citifyd reduce operational costs and improve efficiency, our white label products create a seamless brand experience by integrating into your existing app and website.

Citifyd For Businesses

For Businesses

Attract and retain customers quickly, easily, and cheaply with Citifyd’s no-risk business rewards. Plus, you can earn extra revenue selling your parking spaces after hours.

Citifyd For Parking Managers

For Parking Managers

Go digital with your operations and inventory management with Citifyd. No matter what type of lot or structure you own, our technologies can drive customers to your business, reduce operational costs and fraud, and create a better customer parking experience. Together, there is no easier way to improve your bottom line.



Citifyd Parking App

Parking App

The user friendly Citifyd App creates a digital parking marketplace for parkers interested in finding that perfect space right now or in advance, whether on-demand, for an event, or for monthly parking.

Citifyd Parking Provider Product Suite

Parking Provider Product Suite

Digitize your parking operations with our easy monitoring and reporting tools. From residential driveways to large scale facilities, take the wheel on operating your parking assets with efficiency and ease to improve your bottom line.

Citifyd SmartBeacon™


Whether you operate an open parking lot without an attendant or a parking structure with gates, our technologies validate and authorize your customers to access your parking space anytime. Our SmartBeacons™, designed to work with your existing hardware, allow secure operation of barriers and gates hands-free. No more scanning of barcodes or QR codes.

Citifyd SmartVision™


Know your open lot parking inventory in real-time. Reduce fraud and gain deep user insights with dynamic performance data, all powered by our one-of-a-kind Smart Mobility AI engine.

Citifyd Business Rewards

Business Rewards

Attract and retain customers with real-time, proximity-based instant validation rewards. Customizable to fit the unique needs of any business, Citifyd’s business rewards puts the control in the hands of business owner. Customer acquisition couldn’t be easier, less risky or less expensive.



Urbanization and population growth is vastly outgrowing municipalities’ ability to meet the newest mobility needs, impacting quality of life and imposing a significant challenge for local economies. Citifyd was created to help reduce frictions in everyday urban living. By designing and deploying smart-city technologies to make commuting easier, we take the stress and expense out of urban mobility while energizing the local brick-and-mortar commerce.